Anger: The Epidemic of the Vaccinated

By Charles Karel Bouley II

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I live in Las Vegas, NV where this weekend, July 25-26, 2021, there were 2000+ cases of Covid19, where 24 people died, and where less than 45% of my state is fully vaccinated.

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Fully Vaccinated in Nevada

The New Pandemic: Anger

As I sit in a tourist capital, I’m angry. I’m angry because my city, my state and my country are allowing the Maskless Morons, the Unvaccinated MAGAts, the Covidiots, whatever cute name you or the media has come up with for people risking the national security of our country, it’s very health and life of its people, to roam unfettered. These people are betraying their very nation by treating a disease, a pathogen, like politics; by flaunting their sheer stupidity and ignorance of real facts; and by listening to vaccinated rich Republicans and broadcasters treasonous propaganda campaign meant to infect and destroy our country, quite literally.

And they’re making me furious every day, because they are forcing me to retreat, to go back to lockdown, to avoid public places when I, the rule-following-vaccine-taking-hand-washing-mask-wearing-social-distancing member of society SHOULD Be able to get back to some life like much of the world because people are following the rules. But nope. Instead, we, the rule followers, the believers of science, those that don’t think Fauci should be tried and jailed (as the reprehensible seditionist Maddison Cawthorn believes), we are now having to go backwards in more ways than one; to regress.

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And what’s worse? We’re coddling them. We are offering them prizes, money, lotteries to take a vaccine to literally save their lives. We coddle bad behavior all the time about Covid and so much more.

And this saga is causing good people, people who literally would go out of their way walking to avoid stepping on a bug, people like me, like you, to say things like, “Well, we ought to just let them die…that’s how herd immunity works, right? The herd gets it, many die off, the others become immune and live? Well, let them go…” But we don’t really mean it, do we?

I do, it’s time we let them go, but not to die, but to secede. Yup, Covid19 has shown me the true face of America, American Politicians and the GOP. That, coupled with the lack of response to open treason on January 6, 2021 when the former- President led an armed insurrection with the help of members of the Senate and Congress against the United States people, has confirmed the United States of America isn’t united and it’s time to break up.

Let me go on record as saying California and New York should lead the battle for the Western and Eastern Alliances (basically the blue states of each coast) and together they form The Alliance. Let the GOP turn their controlled states in to The Union and we become The Alliance and The Union. Give these people what they want, their own country, a White fascist regime with dictators of their choosing, a distorted Christian God and the wealthiest GOP making millions off keeping their masses poor, uneducated and afraid.

Otherwise, we are all going to die of Covid, of climate change, of the next disease. The GOP and the GOP led states, all those not wearing masks, not vaccinated, listening to OAN, NewsMax, Fox and worse, all those that think the vaccine will turn you gay, or track your movements, or turn you in to a zombie (I’ve heard all three theories in the last 48 hours, one from an contractor of mine who isn’t any more…) they are a cancer on civilized, decent society, they are an impediment to progress and are now a death cult willing to follow their leaders and their media to the grave.

They are beyond our help, beyond hope and are now simply a public danger.

And we must not just get angry. This time, we must do something about them. And it starts by taking back control.

You see, they keep screaming about their rights. Well, rights come with responsibilities. Benjamin Franklin was of the mind that Rights without responsibilities end in tyranny. So I’m sick to death of hearing about their rights, their right to not wear a mask, to not get vaccinated, to allow the slaughter of Americans by legal guns, on and on. I now want to hear about their responsibilities. What about their responsibility to not infect someone else with a deadly virus? What about their responsibility to be as healthy as they can at all times to help build a stronger nation? What about their responsibility to build up institutions like science and medicine for the advancement of themselves and mankind? What about their responsibility to be educated, productive members of society with something to offer, something positive to give the common whole? What about their responsibility to make sure our public places are safe from violence and disease? Do Republicans, MAGAts, the GOP NOT have any responsibilities?

Of course they do, just not to America or you or I but to the 788 billionaires in the USA, to the almost 21 million millionaires here, that’s their only audience, that’s who keeps them alive and that’s their responsibility. And all of those people have been vaccinated against Covid, and against social injustice, or any “phobias.” The vaccine is their money, position, power and friends.. As for the remaining 306+ million of us, we are just grist for their mill to keep the money flowing to the top and to keep them in power spending on what they want to spend on, talking about what they want to talk about and trying to make us believe what they want us to believe. The GOP has only one responsibility: Self preservation of it and those that have power in it. And if hundreds of thousands die along the way? Well, the proof is literally in front of all of us as to what they think about 600k dead Americans: Not much.

Of course, the GOP has realized it’s mostly their base that is dying in the epidemic of the unvaccinated, so many have tried to stop almost two years of conspiracies, of lies, of propaganda and misinformation for political gain and suddenly vaccines are good. Well, almost all. Well, some. Some of the GOP have changed their tune, others, not so much. Some of the media pundits have changed, some, not so much. So the misinformation still is there, only 1/2 the USA is vaccinated and we’re pissed.

But we need, en Maase, to do something, anything, to stop letting EVERYONE get away with bad behavior, or get rewarded for it. We now see bad behavior rewarded or unpunished most of the time, not occasionally, but almost always. And if you try to call out bad behavior forcefully, angrily, YOU get shut down by others, by social media, by cancel culture. They can spread lies and disinformation but if you cuss one out for the idiot they are, you’re the bad guy or gal.

We need class action lawsuits against places like casinos for now, in July of 2021, not providing safe places. They have opened for business, are not essential, and they have a responsibility to keep clients and customers safe. Do they not? Yes, it’s their RIGHT to open (I guess), but isn’t it their responsibility to do so ONLY when you can guarantee safety? So that means, right now, that every hotel guest, every casino gamer, show-goer, dining room member should be vaccinated, otherwise, why are they there? They are a risk to my life, to others. So why are businesses indulging people that can harm their other clients? Why isn’t every bar, restaurant, club, every store, mall, every public place DEMANDING that the public be vaccinated before entering, and demand proof. You have to prove age to get in to a night club. You have to be a certain height to ride rides. You have to have a license to drive a car. Why on Earth don’t you have to be vaccinated before entering any public place?

Because no one has sued them to make them pay to stop and government is too weak to make them close. So they keep getting rich, these billion dollar casinos, and Las Vegas becomes #1 for Covid in the USA. And they are open, right now, as we speak, filled with maskless people and I have to stay away. I have to hide and cower again in Las Vegas while the morons play. Mom and pops that were suffering, entertainers that had nothing, have grabbed on to the audiences and now celebrities are saying they won’t do shows if you have to prove you’re vaccinated to be in the audience. So I guess some performers are putting dollars over the health of their audience, and if their fans are stupid enough to go be in a mass setting withoutut a vaccine, hey, I’ll sing for them. That’s so stupid and greedy it’s almost inhuman.

So let’s stop getting mad and start taking back control. Demand all public places, including grocery stores and other essential services, have a vaccine status checker at the door, and if you don’t have proof of vaccine, either set apart different days for them or don’t let them in. They are a public health hazard. A dog can’t go in a grocery store, yet, it can’t give anyone in there a disease, even if it bites them (rabies simply isn’t seen any longer in most urban settings). But a non-vaccinated human can, and infect the entire store. That makes sense.

And let’s work on splitting away from these idiots because I’m just sick of the same arguments over and over again with people too dense to understand and ones not motivated to change in any way, shape or form. The Alliance needs to form, leaving The Union to do what it wants. But we need to move ahead.

Because I know what happens when educated, level headed people get angry, people with common sense and critical thinking capabilities, it’s called society; it’s called progress; it’s called change. And I also know what happens if we don’t: just watch “Idiocracy” or read “The Marching Morons” by Kornbluth. If we keep letting ourselves be held hostage by the stupid, the uneducated, the treasonous, the deniers, the cancer will win and we will become a hidden minority unable to enjoy or neighborhoods, cities, states or country because terminal stupid will have won the day.

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