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Karel Cast Thu April 5 Missing the Point Again on Opiods

Surgeon general says carry Narcan, FDA says Opioids biggest problem facing FDA, and all are wrong. I bet none have ever taken opioids. I have. And I’ll tell you the truth, again. Plus #VeganNotes and and was to get great stuff! Listen daily at and join in at

Karel Cast Wed Apr 4 A Woman Goes Rogue

A woman goes rogue, a rare event, and her eating habits are to blame? Really? Plus new numbers to amaze and depress and we are all being rated! Listen daily at and support a new social network at

Karel Cast Tue Apr 3 #MeStill

You know, every day we struggle with the option of counting the blessings, or letting even the mundane send us over the edge. Because abuse of all kind has been and still is everywhere. Plus Food has turned me in to an as*/hole according to Karen. Listen to and join in with a new group of very social people at

Karel Cast Thurs March 29 Ingraham Eats Grow We breath Crap

The EPA is rolling back guidelines that keep air clean, Ingraham caves when Fogg rallies and The FBI is pretty impotent if it’s letting itself be investigate. Listen daily at and all streaming services and join karel at

Karel Cast Wed Mar 28 Black Eyes and Rosanne Soars

I have a black eye, and since no one really believes how I got it, I think I’ll make up stories. Plus Rosanne soars and shows a politically divided nation and families, but should we be validating the “other side…” Listen daily at

Brick Walls and Toothaches

Brick Walls and Toothaches…

That could be the title of my new Vegas life…because it’s day by day and that’s what today is all about.

So much has changed so quickly, everything, I’m literally a new person in new clothes. A Vegan. 85 pounds lighter. No prescription medications. Managing the sometimes intense back pain with exercise, rest, Tylenol, rest, walking, Ember. And trying to restart a new life because I truly ended life and I knew it California on February 6, 2018, when I sold my family home of 21 years, in a city of over 43, and moved away to a town I never even really liked, Las Vegas.

Yet, here I am. Running in the sun with Ember at Peccole Ranch or Desert Breeze Park. Freezing on the Piaggio MP3 500 but having a blast as we scoot around in the frigid desert air of January, February,

How is this possible? Today I get my Nevada Driver’s License, I register my new Piaggio MP3 for the first time ever, in Nevada, and tomorrow Ember gets a new license. Contractors are working at Maison Bouley, my new condo, I’m sitting in the Lakes at a friend’s house and bam! Toothache.

So, 3pm, off to Desert Inn Smiles and hopeful relief. So grateful I can go.

I was going to go to Daltile and give up on my dream of brick in my new condo until I remembered I’m Karel, and I have a radio and TV show and publicity to offer a company I believe in. I believe in Thin Brick. I think it’s a very cool way to bring stone in to the home, and stone is real, permanent. There’s nothing like stone in a home. Brick. Slate. Marble. It speaks to something primal.

And I wasn’t going to have mine because of $. I’ve gone over budget in so much as the move took more, there were title problems with ridiculous lawyering where I simply walked away from 20k, letting a lawyer that didn’t deserve it get it…lesson learned…lots of Le$$ons Learned. But, I have no debt as of this moment, my condo is paid for, I have the deed. That’s odd, too.

Happiness is odd. So, the universe said, have a toothache. Spend more $ you wanted to save. But I’m happy to go, glad I can. So many times I’d wait until…what? Until the pain just stopped.

Happiness is new. It’s odd. So, have a toothache.

OK. But The DMV First. So, welcome to the closest thing to Hell in Las Vegas. DMV then Dentist. If today goes well, this city will have my heart.

Karel Cast Mon Mar 26 Stormy Monday Indeed

Well, Stormy told the world about Donald’s Trump. Big deal, this is the only person who should care. Plus, we are dot screwed and Karel will tell you why. Listen daily at

Karel Cast Thu March 22nd Rainy Days and Thursdays

Relaxing, taking a breath, is daunting. Because you are left alone with you, your thoughts, classical music, chocolate, tea, a puppy, wait, it’s heaven. Plus, Expensive Eating with Vox, 12 foods not to miss, and rainy day songs.

The Karel Cast Wed March 21 Toys, Happiness and You

Toys R Us is gone and we talk to Justin Archbold of Toybox Las Vegas about the state of play in 2018. Also, Jill Gonzales talks happiness and happy cities from and Karel is day 1 without facebook, how’s it going? Listen daily at

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