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Karel Cast Mon Jul 16 No Clue How To Process This Day

Our President handed our country to Russia while denouncing America and Americans on national TV. And no one does a thing.

Karel Cast Wed Jul 11 Conversations With…Karel

Karel gets on the phone before the show and decides to make it the show. So, we talk to Las Vegas Civil Engineering, Karen and more! Listen daily at or

Karel Cast Mon July 9 Time To Stop Coddling Idiots

Karel is back from vacation and got 10 days of pent up topics. Grab ahold of something or someone and start listening! Subscribe at and support the show at

Karel Cast Tue June 12 And Dennis Wept…What a Circus

It has now become a giant Fellini film and we’re all trapped in it. Rodman weeps, Kim poses for Selfies, Trump speaks and Karel rants. This is a show for the record books. Listen and watch at and

Karel Cast Wed Jun 6 Queen Makes Royal Cake While Ranting

Karel makes vegan elderflower lemon sponge royal wedding cake, since gays may need to make their own cakes and rants about primaries, School Safety commission won’t look at guns, and why women need to leave Bill Clinton alone. Listen daily at and

Karel Cast Mon Jun 4 Let Them NOT Eat Cake

The headlines say one thing, the ruling says another, but no one cares. God beat the evil gays today, and Fox is loving it. I want to move again. OUT of this country I’m done, so I’m making cakes. For everyone. Really. Listen.

Karel Cast Fri Jun 1 Summer is Here, and We’re In Hell

When going through hell….keep going! Great advice from NCIS. Trump, Roseannae, another week of assaults on our senses. But Karel’s got he remedy, laughter! Tune in and enjoy daily at and

Karel Cast Thu May 31 You Will Not Believe My Stance on Rosanne

Rosanne has been fired because she made a terrible joke that had racist roots. And? And now she’s fired, and? Spare me the Rosanne outrage as Trump rules, Republicans hold majorities and women, gays and minorities lose rights every day in USA.

Karel Cast Wed May 23 NFL Fails, Cop Blames, Karel Raves

The NFL says the Constitution doesn’t matter nor do the rights of its players. Meanwhile, Karel encounters a cop that doesn’t get it and a 30 y/o needs to go! Listen daily at and

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