Stronger Together Is A Hit!

Million-Selling Artists debut hit SONG AND VIDEO Stronger together As plea for unity during dark Trumptonian Times



On June 22, 2017, hot off the #ResistMarch and just prior to the June 28 anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in NYC—four diverse artists with million-selling and mainstream media success are releasing a cry for unity and an ode to Harvey Milk in support of GLBT Pride Season and basic human equality. The song, “Stronger Together” is part of Karel’s Life In Segments “Where’s Harvey” Pride special in June on Free Speech TV and Revry. It brings together a history-making broadcaster and all-around performer Karel with longtime friend Thea Austin (former million-selling lead singer of Snap! currently on the “I Love the 90s Tour”) with new friends Morgan Mallory (“The Voice”) and Daniel Charleston (Pacific Opera Project).

“The song and video are available June 22, 2017. through all providers. Information is at Karel’s Website, FSTV, Vevo and Youtube. The daily Karel Cast is heard internationally daily and Life In Segments is seen Weekly on Free Speech TV and Revry.

“We are four diverse people, I’m openly gay and allegedly white, Thea is straight but not narrow, a beautiful African American woman, Morgan is so talented and looking for Mrs. Right while Daniel personifies the spirit of the new generation with a classic operatic voice. We are different. But we’ve always been ‘Stronger Together,’” Karel laughed.

The track and video for Stronger Together brings diversity together:

    KAREL Former KFI and KGO AM 810 Host and one of the most listened to openly gay men in the country for over 25 years. A former signed recording artist, record label owner, touring Dance music artist, comic, actor, now hit songwriter gets added to the mix;

   THEA AUSTIN: When she wrote and sang Rhythm Is a Dancer for Snap! little did she know it would be a  worldwide Anthem and lead her to over 25 #1 international dance singles. She is one of the biggest stars of Dance music today;

  MORGAN MALLORY Morgan came to CA for The Voice and never left. Now an in-demand live artist constantly touring and a teacher at the School of Rock he is about to release album #2;

  DANIEL CHARLESTON:  Opera Meets Pop when Charleston sings as his groundbreaking work in Pacific Opera Project and in choruses across the southland is showcased here.

“Our country is divided in historic proportions and the GOP and others want to regress human rights, not progress,” Karel started. “More now than ever we need unity, we need the spirit of Harvey Milk to guide us. We cannot go backwards like many want.”
Karel wrote the song prior to the election but shelved it afterwards. Recently, however, he and Morgan Mallory thought the country could use the message.
“We are so divided on every single thing, even things we needn’t be. Maybe this can remind people, all people, that we are, in fact, stronger together,” Mallory stated.
Thea Austin took time from her spot on the “I Love The 90s Tour” to join in the group of friends.
“Karel and I have been friends forever and every song he’s recorded, I’ve been on. This one means a lot, because I grew up at a time when I had to hide under my desk as the KKK marched down the street in my hometown, and the teacher told Black children to hide. You don’t forget that, and you never want to see it again,” she added.
The song will be for sale at iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and all major online providers around the world. It is even going to be featured in Dublin, Ireland’s Gay Pride and in theOuting.ie GLBT Matchmaking Festival in Ireland in October.
“Karel really hit the nail on the head with this one, internationally,” Outing organizer Eddie McGuinness was overheard stating.

“Let’s hope it helps…” Karel added.


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