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NY State finally passes adoptees rights bill after 23 years! | Forum

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Randall Jun 20

FINALLY,  everything came together today after 23 years of various bills never making it, now we adoptees can finally get what is OUR property- our freaking original state issued birth certificates which have been sealed by law in NY state since 1935!

Assembly Speaker wrote;

Knowing who we are and where we came from is critical not only to understanding our heritage, but for knowing our health history and any risks it might pose. That’s why the Assembly, along with the Senate, passed a measure allowing adoptees to obtain their birth certificate.

Under the bill, adult adoptees 18 years and older would be able to receive a certified copy of their original long-form birth certificate (A.5494). If the adoptee is deceased, the adopted person’s direct line of descendants, the lawful representative of such adopted person or lawful representatives of such deceased adopted person’s direct line of descendants would be able to receive the birth certificate of the adoptee.

Under current law, original birth certificates are placed under seal and cannot be accessed without a judicial proceeding, which does not guarantee that the adoptee will be given access.

The legislation now heads to the governor’s desk.

Again, thank you for taking part in the legislative process. Your advocacy has made a difference. 

Sincerely, Speaker Carl Heastie

LOB 932
Albany, NY 12248

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