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Ray Renati
Ray Renati Mar 27
I really do think we are regressing in many ways Karel (just heard you talking about this) with respect to homophobia. I even think back in my lifetime and have examples. When I was a boy, my strictly Catholic grandmother told me that Rock Hudson was "a little light in his loafers". She didn't mean it in a mean way. She just said it like it was something a lot of people knew about and that it was kept quiet but accepted. This was decades before he contracted AIDS.

Another example is Liberace. Everyone knew he was gay but he was loved and accepted by millions of straight people. Others I can think of: Johnny Mathis, Rip Taylor, even Sammy Davis Jr. was obviously bi-sexual and Frank Sinatra still loved him.
Karel Mar 27
Yes, it appears the more mainstream we are, the more of a backlash there is...

Ray Renati
Ray Renati Mar 28
Yes. That’s it.