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Julie Spaulding
Karel looks amazing! I'm trying to figure out this site's features. 
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Karel Mar 12
It can do whatever you want. Think of it as my own facebook! Photos, albums, groups, get your friends to join here, more fun!

Randall Apr 29

I had trouble clicking the sign in link, the actual link is not where the mouse is pointing to when it's on "sign in" it's almost like the "sign up" button/link is partially overlapping due to a css or other formatting error, firefox on MAC here!

Years ago when Karel was with KGO I ran and moderated his web site, forum and chat room, but life got busy and I needed to move on, I still listen/watch though :)

I've kept up minimal contact with only one of the old guard- El Steveo who still has his "Network 23 studios" youtube channel, he has been having health issues, became homeless and living on the street in California after his mom passed away.

Lost track of "Mr Man" who had a huge LP album collection, I think he was Daniel

Here's a memorable Karel shot from 2005 in the Tuffshed :)

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Karel Apr 30
I love that Photo, thanks Randall. And yes, we were ahead of our time with audio video chat rooms. Way ahead. I wish we could bring it back! Dear god, that shot is 15 years old!

Randall Apr 30

Glad it brought back fnd memories, that photo shows you at a happy time- it was New Years eve and you had your cape on and looked fabulous! My most memorable chatroom night was the time you went to KGO and took your laptop and all of us in the chatroom with you, sat us on the passenger seat in the car, introduced us to the desk clerk with a "say hi to my chatroom" LOL!!! and then you showed us the hotel room and sat on the bed with us for probably a 1/2 hour if not longer just shooting the breeze with us! You are right, we were way ahead, and even now there still isn't a really good FREE live chatroom, but we made do with what we had and made it work! Fun times! You didn't know it, but producer Jay and I had just started working on some little surprise project for you, it was as I remember it using that tune: technologic, but we were working on changing the lyrics to include you in a fun way, and he was going to run the little clip when it was finished during one of the commercial breaks or something and surprise you! Unfortunately it was right before the Joe the plumber thing, so we never had the chance to finish it :(

I think this was when you went to Ireland and toured if I remember right, funny that just 2 years ago I found my birth parents and discovered I'm half Irish not 100% Italian as I was told all my life!

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