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Terri Owen
Terri Owen Feb 14
Has anyone else experienced difficulty in finding employment if over the age of 50?  I was laid off from one of the Wyndham resorts here in Las Vegas when I was 5.6.  After going through countless interviews for over a year, I was only able to land a part-time job that barely pays enough to get by.  I can't prove it was age discrimination, but they sure seemed to like me in interviews, until they ran my background check and discovered my age!
Marcus Trevor Bovee II
Terri, it’s a funny world that abuses youth and takes advantage of their innocent enthusiasiasm because it saves their top 1% wage task masters a few pennies! The shareholders don’t mind the added dividends. What is it that enflames your passions professionally?
Terri Owen
Terri Owen Feb 15
Human Resource work was always my passion, and now I'm doing mind-numbing data entry.  Not even working in a field I enjoy.  I've always had an interest in trying my hand at writing.  So I'm currently working on ideas for  writing a mystery novel!
Marcus Trevor Bovee II
Fantastic!!! Create!!! Protect what you create.
Karel Feb 16
I'm in a business where at 25 you're at your peak and by 35 you're playing a parent, Grandparent at 45 and after 50 there are no roles, songs, shows...so preaching to the choir.
Terri Owen
Terri Owen Feb 16
Yeah, I know Karel.  Your profession can be extremely harsh.  
Sibylle Hartmann
Sorry, Terri that this happened to you. I guess youth is more important than life experience which is priceless. In Europe it is worse, there all jobs are like it is in show business. You are old with 35. A while ago I was looking at jobs in Europe, and they actually had the nerve to put in the maximum age of 28 for countless jobs. Best of luck to you, sometimes reinventing ourselves is the best option.
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Terri Owen
Terri Owen Feb 18
OMG!  Maximum age of 28??  That's crazy.  Companies don't like to hire people my age because they know we won't be working for much longer.  Thank you for your kind words.  I should just feel lucky that I'm working somewhere at all I guess!
Sibylle Hartmann
Yes, it is an outrage. Hope you’ll find something you like. Sorry, but I am not much online. Prefer to read books, but it is good to connect with people who listen to Karel. How did you find out about him? I know him from California, his was my favorite show on KGO San Francisco. He has real talent he always thinks one step (or several, rather) ahead of the rest.
Right now I am beyond happy, because FREE SOLO won best documentary. Anyone climbing El Capitan solo without roles deserves a gold medal. At least the doc. won. Have you seen THE GREEN BOOK? This is one of the best movie I have ever seen! If you haven’t seen it, don’t miss it! All the best with your job. Sometimes something really good appears maybe trough a connection.
Terri Owen
Terri Owen Feb 28
I don't blame you for preferring books over being online.  This site is the only one I check on a daily basis.  I'm currently reading Harper Lee's "Go Set a Watchman".  Loving it so far.  What are you reading?

I came across Karel and Andrew while sitting in traffic in Southern California, many years ago.  Immediately clicked for me!  

Yes, I saw "Green Book", and agree with you.  It's wonderful.