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I cannot believe this show. I cannot believe how I feel. But it's the truth. Are guns the problem? Should we ban them? And, are the kids in Leaving Neverland truly scared and ruined for life? What if you can, in fact, just move on from abuse. Or, can you? This show is going to get you very angry or have you screaming hell yes.





Jan 17, 2019

9:54 pm

The first blog of the new site. The new life. The big risk. 

January 11, 2019, I said goodbye to long form daily talk radio after 25 years and now I’m redoing everything. Because I jumped, I had to jump, but this time I had to jump without knowing where it was exactly I wanted to land. I just knew where I was wasn’t good any longer professionally.

So, here I am. Starting all over again. And this time, I’m going to try and do it by engaging people, the audience, like I should have been all along.

First, we start with the Patrons, those that give, and do all we can for them.

Then, we make a community of friends around the content.

And hopefully, find a way to monetize it as well.

So, away we go.