Dear President-Elect Biden Please Stop Nevada’s Insanity

Dear President-Elect Biden Please Stop Nevada’s Insanity

December 11, 2020 358 Views

My country, county and city have gone insane, and people are literally dying around me. And no one will help stop it, not the Governor, not health officials, not businesses…no one. The residents of my city, and my state, are being offered up to the billionaire Gods of the Strip (Sheldon Adelson et al) to keep the “single economy” (as the Governor called it) of Las Vegas moving . And their reward is living in the, as of Friday, December 11, 2020, the second worst place in America for Corona Virus with a positivity rate of nearly 25% and 50 deaths in the state overnight.

According the an interactive map at NPR, many of the hospitals in my state are near capacity.

The governor, recovering from Covid, has asked us to stay home, don’t go out without a mask, social distance, and only do essential activities. His last real mandate of any kind was November 22, before we reached 2k or more daily cases. Meanwhile, right now, I could go gamble in a casino, stay in a hotel, eat in a restaurant or bar on the Strip, even see a show. Yes, a show.

Masks? Please, this is Nevada. I had to stop going to the grocery store entirely. When last at Albertson’s on Durango and Flamingo in Spring Valley, NV (no one really lives in Las Vegas, the Strip is in Paradise, NV) I had a small meltdown. People with masks around their necks; down below their noses; taking them off at the check stand to talk to the checker…and the store’s response? “We can’t enforce the rule, sir, they could have breathing issues….”

No, they simply are afraid of the anti-maskers and the ruckus they cause, so they let them possibly kill us.

Public Places? Casinos? People walking around with masks down off their faces with drinks in hand, sitting at restaurants maskless, eating, talking, Freemont street, maskless….and the numbers are SOARING.

The Governor of my state is spineless. Utterly spineless. This city should be shut down, airport, all of it. No tourists, no hotels for out of town people unless essential workers, no dining in, even on patios, nothing. LOCK IT DOWN.

Of course, 1/2 of the state would scream. “Plan-demic!” “Herd Immunity!”

And they would be simply, fatally, wrong on this issue. So don’t listen. And don’t indulge them. And make their actions, if they endanger others, punishable and criminal.

We can’t shut down, we’re a single economy and we’ll all perish. Ya. I’ve h heard that. But then….

Sheldon Adelson, owner of the Palazzo and Venetian Hotels, is worth 35.6 Billion dollars and is making great money in Macau on gaming as we speak. Caesar’s / MGM International is worth about $34 billion in assets with $7 Billion in Equity; Wynn Resorts about $12 billion…I could go on… Station Casino’s owned by two brothers, Fertitta Brothers, each billionaires with property worth almost $2 billion….

As you can see, these poor impoverished business must keep their workers going during the worst pandemic ever or else they will loose a billion. Can’t have that.

Elon Musk is building tunnels here and Jeff Bezos has taken to building huge warehouses here. The net worth of each of them, just what they have each made since February 2020, could give the entire state of Nevada a salary for a year. And they’d still be rich.

So I don’t want to hear about how Nevadans must die to keep the economy going. Why? We are all poor, or most of us. The median income is $47k in Clark County, NV. Aren’t too many million or billionaires in my hood. Even the “wealthy” in Las Vegas, the “nice” neighborhoods are $500k homes or below. Sure, there are million dollar places, but that’s not the city or county as a whole.

And whose fault is it the state is a single economy, as you call it, Mr. Governor? There’s nothing but sun in Nevada, we haven’t had rain in Las Vegas in almost 200 days. Why we aren’t selling solar power to the country I’ll never understand. Geothermal energy. Why are we building giant desalination plants in CA and refilling Lake Mead, I mean, the oceans are rising, we could use some of that water, restore tourism, industry…Why isn’t Las Vegas and Reno connected, already, by High Speed Rail to the surrounding cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Reno, Salt Lake City, so we can be a part of their economies, too?

What the hell is wrong with Nevada?

Meanwhile, we are literally dying and no one will condemn what is going on here.

So I beg you, President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris: Call our Governor. Help this silent, impotent waste of public office come up with a plan that involves more people living than dying; that involves drawing upon the vast wealth of a few here and gives it to their employees so they can stay home for three weeks and not starve without bankrupting the state. Pledge Federal help when you take office. Whatever you need to do.

But people will NOT obey the rules here and we are spreading this illness throughout the land with our open gaming, hotels, restaurants, bars, shows and beyond. Please, shut this city down and find a way to economically save those that work in it before we become an extension of our neighbor, Death Valley, in more than geography but in actual dead people.

Las Vegas is getting sicker by the hour, dying more by the day, Nevada as well.

If our Governor refuses to lead, please, VP Biden and Sen. Harris, do something now.

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