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Karel Cast Wed May 23 NFL Fails, Cop Blames, Karel Raves

The NFL says the Constitution doesn’t matter nor do the rights of its players. Meanwhile, Karel encounters a cop that doesn’t get it and a 30 y/o needs to go! Listen daily at and

Karel Cast Tue May 22 Leaving USa, Justice Trumped, Retail Dead?

Justice has been Trumped as the seated president shoots liberty in the middle of 5th Avenue and no one does a thing. Plus, Karen’s one of many leaving as Trump will probably be reelected. And JCPenny loses a CEO and media proclaims retail dead. Listen daily at and

Karel Cast Mon May 21 Goodbyes as Hellos and Cult Talk

May 21, 2001 saw Andrew Howard pass from a medial mistake. And here we are, having done not much to stop them. Also, Vegans, stop talking like you’re a cult. Listen daily at

Karel Cast Fri May 18 Three Months, Four Days Later, A Sad Best Of

February 14 was parkland. May 18th is now Sante Fe. I’m off today, so here’s the show from Parkland. I mean, why not, right? They’re becoming so common you can just repeat it, right? Listen at and join the conversation at

Karel Cast The May 17 Happy Anniversary You Louse!

It’s been a year and several prosecutions later, and look, the Prez is melting down from Mueller. Plus, data caps in Las Vegas, BAD. And food stamps about to be cut? Bad. Listen daily at

Karel Cast Wed May 16 Blah Blah Russia, Blah Blah Trump

Blah Blah Trump, Blah Blah Russia. And? The numbers of America mean we shouldn’t be in this mess, so why are we? Listen daily at and

Karel Cast Tue May 15 Playing God Means People or Things Die

Playing God isn’t easy. Put down an animal and see. Put a loved one on Hospice. For a mortal, playing god is hard. Speaking of God, The Jews say a city is theirs, the Muslims say they share its history, the US says it belongs to these people here so people die. Trump playing god. Listen daily at

Karel Cast Mon May 14 Change of Address Kills, Are You A Bad Parent?


1300 Are Dead Palestinians worth a new embassy address?

600 R Kelly and The Ethicalization of Your Playlists

1400 Is it bad parenting to not take care of yourself physically?
Be careful when you change, you’ll lose things you love…#PBETales

550 Cher, $35 beverages and things you learn from Divas.

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