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A Marvelous Intrusion In To The Life Of America’s Most Endearing Performers

by | Posted 10/09/2017 | Uncategorized
It’s odd how you can know someone almost two decades and yet be so surprised by their life; particularly when the story is being told 80 feet across

Someone Please Make This a Song

by | Posted 10/05/2017 | News
Write the Music. I’ll deal with melody/lyrics Too Many People Die By Charles Karel Bouley (Chorus) So many people die And then the people cry Th

A Play Needed More Now Than When It Was Created: Hamilton Wows Los Angeles

by | Posted 08/22/2017 | News, Read
By Charles Karel Bouley So, is it? Did you? Was it? Since I’ve seen Hamilton at its premiere, the biggest West Coast Premiere of a play in decades,

Stronger Together Is A Hit!

by | Posted 08/11/2017 | News
Million-Selling Artists debut hit SONG AND VIDEO Stronger together As plea for unity during dark Trumptonian Times BUY ON ITUNES LISTEN ON SPOTIFY O

Our Websites Were Purposely Hacked

by | Posted 08/06/2017 | News, Uncategorized
ReallyKarel.com, LifeInSegments.com MotoGLBT.com … all website maintained and operated by me, Karel, were purposely hacked and the Zeus virus in

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