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Karel Cast Mon June 25 Shut Down This Account, Plus Happy Pride My A**

There’s a huge violation of Twitter’s terms of service going on and they really need to address is and shut it down. Who is it? Plus, Happy Pride my A** Karel Exclaims as he seriously schools every letter of the LGBTQA community and beyond. Listen subscribe join in

Karel Cast Fri Jun 22 10 Months Ago Today, It All Changed

Ten months ago today, it all changed. How? Why? And how can it help you? Listen in and get motivated!

Karel Cast Wed Jun 20 $110 From Each American For?

As Trump tries to undo his mess, another shocking statistic comes to light. Listen daily on all streaming services and watch at be sure to subscribe!

Karel Cast Thu Jun 14 We Are Putting Children In Cages

40 sq. foot cubes, cubbies, detention centers with wire fences…
We are putting children in cages and Karel just can’t get past it. Listen and watch at and

Karel Cast Wed Jun 13 My Pride Is Not For Sale

Say what you want to Karel, but please, for the love of all things holy, don’t say Happy Pride. Oops, too late. Listen at and watch at

Karel Cast Tue June 12 And Dennis Wept…What a Circus

It has now become a giant Fellini film and we’re all trapped in it. Rodman weeps, Kim poses for Selfies, Trump speaks and Karel rants. This is a show for the record books. Listen and watch at and

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