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Karel Cast Monday Jan 22 Back In Business, So What…

Our government dysfunction is at an all time visible high as the shutdown is on again and off again, and Karel has a lot to say about it. Plus, what do you do when loving, caring family members believe really stupid stuff? Listen daily at or in the Karel Cast app at . your $5 monthly subscription at really helps.

Karel Cast Thu Jan 18 On Perris and Posts

Karel has a memory much like what is happening in Perris and shares it in this profound show. Plus, there are no more contributors to the HuffingtonPost. Now, it’s all their interns aggregating other stories or their own people, so, an agenda. Karel was never paid for his contributions, so why care if he loses it? A lesson for everyone in it. Listen daily to Karel at in the dedicated app and at your favorite streaming service.

Karel Cast Wed Jan 17 Morbidly Obese and Fooling No One

He eats Cheeseburgers, KFC, he gets no exercise, does not get enough sleep, stresses over everything and is aged. This man is NOT healthy and any doctor that says so shouldn’t even treat animals. Why do they insist on telling us lies when we can SEE he is morbidly obese? Plus, where is everyone moving to and from, and why, and Karel buys legal pot and gets sticker shock. Listen daily to Karel at in the dedicated app and at your favorite streaming service.

Karel Cast Tue Jan 16 Immigration Debate on Taco Tuesday?

We love immigrants; their food, their music, their men (or women). So why, on Taco Tuesday, are we still talking walls, drones, and so much more with this sexual abuser racist president? Plus, the movie Hostiles needs to decide if we were bad or not in taking of America and CVS says no photoshop and I say poppycock, we know we will never look like the photo and people are ugly for the most part without good lighting and filters. Plus, someone finally agrees with me on Facebook. Listen daily at and support the show at

Karel Cast Thu Jan 15 Dreams New, Others Not Realized

It’s MLK Day and what does that mean as Trump golfs? Plus the bigger issues of the Hawaii scare, It’s not luck, it’s life, Immigration, CVS and Facebook is, actually, evil, and now people agree. Like,the original investors. Listen daily at and support the show at


Karel Cast Thu Jan 12 Shithole in Distress is…US !

On this Friday we look at the aftermath of the Liar in Chief’s recent statement about Shitholes, and what qualifies as one. Plus, our biggest fear is that he EXEMPLIFIES half of America’s values, does he? Listen daily at and support the show at

Karel Cast Thu Jan 11 Too Dangerous, Plus 20 Most Promising Dismalities

Is CA becoming too dangerous in which to live? Plus Fat Shaming Mom still at it and the 20 most promising, but dismal, lives in Ameica. And, the 19k dilemma Karel faces. Listen daily at and support the show at

Karel Cast Wed Jan 10 7-Eleven Den of Evil

It appears that 7-Eleven is ground zero in Trump’s immigration fight, and it’s just plain disgusting. Plus, are you living the lifestyle you thought you would be, or want to be? If so, what is it, and if not, why not? with the answer and listen daily at

Karel Cast Tue Jan 9 The Big O And US

Why couldn’t Oprah, or anyone, be President, particularly in the era of Trump? Plus, I go live for the first time from Las Vegas and I continue to learn a lot about us. Listen daily at support the show through Patreon and watch weekly.

Karel Cast Friday Jan 5 Bombogenesis?

WTF is BomboGenesis? A new Kpop Band? A dance? And why is it killing people. Plus,more on Sessions version 66% of the US and why. Listen to Karel daily at and in the dedicated Karel Cast app or else.

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