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Karel Cast Thu Jan 12 Shithole in Distress is…US !

On this Friday we look at the aftermath of the Liar in Chief’s recent statement about Shitholes, and what qualifies as one. Plus, our biggest fear is that he EXEMPLIFIES half of America’s values, does he? Listen daily at and support the show at

Karel Cast Thu Dec 21 At What Cost?

At what cost is your life, really? Our life? Our American Lives? And, if we look around, is the price really, truly worth it? What if it’s not, what can we do. Well, here’s some options. Listen daily in your favorite streaming service, at or in the dedicated Karel Cast App.

Karel Cast Wed Dec. 20 Lumps of Coal for all!

Congress has handed our tax code over to the wealthy and we will pay. All right before Christmas! Plus, Karel is Vegas bound, so listen in daily at, spreaker, your favorite streaming service or the dedicated Karel Cast App.

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