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Karel Cast July 17 Treason, Plain and SImple. Elect Me.

Yesterday was Treason, plain and simple. It’s all over now. There are two parties: Patriots and Traitors. So, elect Karel. Listen daily at and

Karel Cast Mon Jul 16 No Clue How To Process This Day

Our President handed our country to Russia while denouncing America and Americans on national TV. And no one does a thing.

Karel Cast Fri July 13 A Royal Tea Snubbing Plus, Do This Before Bed

Trump crosses in front and arrives late…for the highest tea in the world. That’s just too far for Karel. Plus, do this before bed for a better life…no, not that. Listen at and

Karel Cast Wed Jul 11 Conversations With…Karel

Karel gets on the phone before the show and decides to make it the show. So, we talk to Las Vegas Civil Engineering, Karen and more! Listen daily at or

Karel Cast Mon July 9 Time To Stop Coddling Idiots

Karel is back from vacation and got 10 days of pent up topics. Grab ahold of something or someone and start listening! Subscribe at and support the show at

Karel Cast Wed Jun 27 A Supreme Leaves And Takes America

The Supreme Court is the body responsibly for most of the great social changes we’ve made. And today, the court will enter an ideologically conservative phase with Trump getting another justice. Is this the end of America’s progression towards equality?

Karel Cast Mon June 25 Shut Down This Account, Plus Happy Pride My A**

There’s a huge violation of Twitter’s terms of service going on and they really need to address is and shut it down. Who is it? Plus, Happy Pride my A** Karel Exclaims as he seriously schools every letter of the LGBTQA community and beyond. Listen subscribe join in

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