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Karel Cast Wed May 3rd A Felonious Lying Oligarch In Office. And?

Feeling entitled, as Oligarchs and dictators do, the failed Mayor told the discredited journalist on the propaganda network that the President funneled money and lied about it, all in respect to sleeping with a porn star. Keeping it classy America. Listen daily at and join me at

The Lies of the President continue unchecked. Congress are cowards;

Apple Watch saves a life, google assistant now works on all devices…how AI is driving me F’ing crazy (lyft yesterday);

17.7 tons of beef recalled…I couldn’t take Home Ec as will gets spa treatments and performing arts schools…which led to me discovering Why my 600 pound life (#OneTonFamily plus #FamilyByTheTon ) shows how our culture has failed.

Over a million downloads…and 100 pounds…and wow….

Karel Cast Tue May 1 Mayday Indeed

Mayday can mean distress. It can also mean labor. We should be screaming about boht.It’s May Day and worker’s are rallying, most in the USA don’t care, about much it appears. Except arguing. We’re very good at that. About everything these days. Meanwhile:

Don’t honor a culture by wearing their clothes or you are culturally appropriating:

Meanwhile Catholics are not aware it’s 2018 and #MeToo is all a waste as “Modesty Ponchos” will be given at prom…

And of course, it’s the drug pusher’s fault we’re addicts:
yet synthetics like fentanyl, methadone and street heroin are now killing more than prescription opiods

Gas will be the most it’s been in four years because…no reason

And could this explain most of it all?


Listen daily at and join us at

The Karel Cast Mon Apr 30 Backlash From Both Sides

From Michelle Wolf’s speech to my show on Friday it appears that we just don’t have the courage to say what we mean when we mean it. Well I do, so listen today at

The Karel Cast Fri April 27 Face It, Trump Did A Good Thing

My father fought in Korea. And in days, the 65 year war will be over. The north is willing to give up Nukes. Was it all a ploy, a game? Or did Donald J. Trump actually end the Korean war, and if he did, does he get credit? Plus, the washer attacks! Listen daily at and join me at

The Karel Cast Wed Ap 25 The Book Of…Plus Taxis and Trump

The Book of Mormon is back on the boards, but what if it was the Book of the Islam? Plus, Taxis in LV are taking a dive like across the land, is it Uber’s fault, and Trump’s latest woes. Listen daily at and Watch the show LifeInSegments on FSTV and

Karel Cast April 19 Barbara Bush Strikes from The Grave!

So, I’ve learned my lesson about pissing on the graves of people that deserve it. The pubic for some reason doesn’t like it when you point out the dead person was less than a perfect person. Case in Point: A Fresno professor may be fired for talking about Barbara Bush the day of her death. Oh, what i know about this…listen daily at and join me at

Karel Cast Tue Apr 17 Building a Better Mousetrap with Atul Vir

Somebody does your laundry, you, spouse, child, caregiver, but, somebody does. How they do it is Atul Vir’s business, and he’s here from Equator Appliances. I bought one of his washer/dryers for Vegas! His story is incredible. Plus, Hannity and Trump, Southwest and Alex Jones? Listen daily at and join me at

Karel Cast Fri April 13 What Are You Looking Froward To?

When you wake up, are you happy about it? Most aren’t, and you can be. Plus, Trump and Scooter, a message? Listen daily at and join the social network of Karel at

Karel Cast Wed Apr 11 Ryan Out, Boehner Turns to Pot, It’s The End

That’s it. the world is over. Ryan is NOT running, he’s out? But he got his budget? Why? Plus John Boehner has turned to pot? Really? That’s it, it’s the end. Plus, Karel’s had win. 8.3 ounces to be precise. Why? Listen daily at and join karel at

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