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Karel Cast Tue Oct 17 Music, Movies, So Much But So Little?

With all the choices i streaming, listening devices, viewing devices, are you listening more, or less? Are you watching more, or less? Is too much, well, too much? Karel visits Oscar and Connie and goes through their TV with them, they were overwhelmed by the choices. Are you? Plus, what’s on the menu today? What are you eating? Why? Listen daily at 1200 PST at

Karel Cast Mon Oct 16 Mindhunter and Heroes

More and more stories are coming out about NorCal heroes, including Odin, the dog. But will these stories be the exception, or the rule? How bad is the fire threat in CA now? Plus, Karel Binges Mindhunters, and loves every minute.

Karel Cast Thur Oct 12 Imagining the Unimaginable

We hear news stories every day with words like devastating, life changing, catastrophic. But what is it, really, to imagine the unimaginable ? Karel knows, and shares as well look north with heavy hearts. Listen daily at 1200 PST at and support the show with a $5 a month donation at Patreon.

Karel Cast Wed Oct 11 It’s Happened, And It Ends Today

It can happen to anyone in today’s America; and somehow, it’s happened to Karel. But it ends today, all with the shouting by one man on one corner. Plus, more on Weistein, as Karel appears to be the only one in Hollywood he didn’t come on to and he’s not happy about that. Listen daily at 1200 PST at

Karel Cast Fri Oct 6 On Nazis, Despots and Others

Can good people say horrible things out of frustration and still be good people? Not in America today, as Karel is called a Nazi, a Despot and a heartless FAG after saying yesterday we must stop treating homeless like productive, normal humans and start treating the like the unmedicated, infectious, urban blight that they are. Of course, he said house them, cloth them, feed them, give the mental health services and drug rehab and communities to live in, and then, if they don’t, let them live they way they want, outside of cities. So, he’s a Nazi that want’s to round them up, burn them, or put them in wood chippers. How quickly we are to turn on good people who just are frustrated and see no answer. Meanwhile, the President is ACTUALLY hurting people and leaving them to die and he gets little to no push back from these same people. This is America today. Oh, and for those that emailed to say they were pulling their support and spreading the word, please do. If you know so little about me that you think I would harm another human, then I don’t want or need your support. Would rather leave or be broke. Listen at 1200 PST at

Karel Cast Thu Oct 5 Change is Gonna Come

A town hall meeting last night with Nancy Pelosi sends Karel over the edge and then we look at the impending marketing of his home and what it truly means to sell a house…a home…and the change that we all fear. Listen daily at 1200 PST at

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